Organizers of the PrideDay Parade and Festival, OutFest and other Philadelphia Pride Events

Notable Firsts

We have taken many first steps in the advancement of Philadelphia's LGBT Community and have achieved many notable accomplishments:



Philadelphia was the 1st City to have an annual National Coming Out Day event

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Philly Pride became the 1st gay pride group to publicly acknowledge a straight friend of the gay community
10/1995 First use of the name           "GAYBORHOOD"
6/1996     "I AM WHAT I AM" First Gay Pride event to have the tradition of singing the unofficial gay anthem
10/1996 Philadelphia permitted the renaming of street for the day:  RITA ODESSA WAY    
6/1996 "YOUTH GRAND MARSHAL" Philly Pride is the first gay pride parade in the U.S. to have youth grand marshals
10/1996 Philly Pride is the 1st gay pride group to have anonymous HIV testing     P.C.H.A. now MAZZONI

Philly Pride has first commercial on

cable t.v. in the Phila. area

19977 Philadelphia has the first gay pride postmark issued by the post office  "GAY POSTMARK"
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The rainbow flag flies over Phila.
City Hall for the 1st time
10/1997 1st LGBT event to have live safe sex demonstration    SAFEGUARDS
Philly Pride gets PECO for the 1st time to use the word "GAY" on its crown lights
10/2000 First time in history that a Ferris Wheel is used on a center city Philadelphia Street
Carnival Fair Ferris Wheel Ride Gifs Images
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Philly Pride is the first gay pride group to offer pet adoptions
6/2002 Philly Pride is first pride event to offer free mammogram testing RAINBOW CIRCLE -- LINDA CREED
10/2003 MECHANICAL BULL the 1st time a mechanical bull is used on a Phila. center city street
10/2003 largest rainbow flag to ever be displayed in Philadelphia
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First gay pride postage stamp in the United States
6/2011 Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Rainbow Lights