Organizers of the PrideDay Parade and Festival, OutFest and other Philadelphia Pride Events

                 Our next event will be the
            LGBT Pride Parade and Festival
                    Sunday, June 8, 2014


The 2014 International Pride Theme is
"Reflections of Pride"


Philly Pride's 2014 logo shows a rainbow reflection of the Philadelphia icon, the Liberty Bell.

Our logo was created by coordinator and board member, Sal Loggia


After holding the entry fee for the Pride Festival at Penn's Landing at $10 for over a decade, the coordinators have voted to raise the entrance fee to $15 for those buying a wristband on the day of the event, June 8, 2014.  We will still offer the wristbands for $10 for those who buy them in advance at our Pride kick off street party, Friday, June 6,2014.  Increased insurance rates, increased performers' fees, increased rental costs, all have contributed to this decision.

The best way to experience PrideDay is by volunteering -- YOU GET IN FOR FREE!


Philly Pride is pleased to announce the creation of a "Sports Zone" at our festival site, the Great Plaza of Penn's Landing, Sunday, June 8, 2014. We are experiencing growing pains, and this will make good use of the only underutilized area of the Great Plaza while showcasing our community's sports teams. We have room for a limited number of vendors as well.

Our Sports Zone will feature several inflatable amusements and a 39 foot banner visible to the thousands in attendance.  If any of our teams are interested in sponsoring one of the amusements, please contact our executive director at 215-875-9288. This would be a good way for you to raise funds: we will rent the amusement, you will staff it and charge per ride.  The proceeds will be equally divided. The 39 foot banner will feature the name of our Sports Zone sponsor, "Boxers."







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Click here at notable firsts to find out some of our cutting advances, both in Philadelphia and for gay pride organizations in general.
Click here to find out more about our organization and how you can become a part Click here to see the Philly Pride Parade from 1989!!!! Response to an article appearing in Philadelphia Magazine.


                  Fran Price (Executive Director), Chuck Volz (Senior Advisor)

Coordinators:  Denise Giannascoli Blum, Shawn Bronisz, Michael Castura, Tammi Coleman, Stephen Duerr, Maria Gonzalez, Aaron Harris, Richard Lewis, Stephanie Love , John McNeill, Keith Meyer, Mark Mulvihill, Olinshar Nguyen

Pride Committee:  Jimmy "Archie" Archambalt, Danielle Archambalt, Albert Fernandez, John Fluehr,  Dorothy Getz, Chris Hendricks, Bill Hunt, Jim O'Toole, Jay Pugh, Jamie Roberts, Kevin Turner



Come Out, Come Out!  Volunteer!

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Don't stay at home behind that closet door!

Remember the immortal warning of Edmund Burke:

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing."